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If you have a product, service, or message that you would like to get out to Thousands, Hundreds of Thousands, or even Millions of people, you have several options. Traditional methods include print advertising, direct mail, radio, and television advertising. They are all effective, but they all have two catches: They’re EXPENSIVE and TIME CONSUMING. Not only that, you only get ONE SHOT at making your message heard, by the right people.

The INTERNET, the “Global Communications Frontier” has changed this dramatically, including making countless individuals wealthy. “Electronic Marketing,” as it’s commonly referred to, has effectively leveled the playing fields of all types businesses.

You can literally make a fortune by just sending out email and the best part is that you will pay nothing to do so. All you will need is an internet connection that you can find for as little as $19 per month. To find one, simply Click Here!

Cybernet Marketing has been in the online marketing business for years. We can help make your goals come true. We have helped many individuals succeed in marketing their product effectively. It’s very simple to do. In fact, soon you will have the problem of what to do with all the cash you will make from sending out bulk email.

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>> Over 14 Million Email Addresses… 1 per line in simple text format on a CD. Multiple files of 250,000 or greater (no codes needed to open files). You will receive email addresses of the following domains… AOL, PRODIGY, COMPUSERVE, DELPHI, GENIE, JUNO, PIPELINE, INTERAMP, MSN, MCI, and 7 MILLION OTHER MIXED EMAIL ADDRESSES. All names listed above are seperated in files by domain name for your convenience. These are not computer generated or made up email addresses that some other companies sell. This is the same list we have been sending to and it Generates over 200,000 hits to our web site per month. These people want to receive email and are HIGHLY RESPONSIVE to marketing messages.


>> Bulk Email Sender SoftwareOur Broadcast Email Sender Software gives you the ability to send out Unlimited, Personalized and Targeted Broadcast Email Advertisements to People on the Internet at the rate of up to 300,000 emails per hour, AUTOMATICALLY and for FREE! Full setup instructions and technical support included!

>>Email Extraction Software…When you are done sending the 14 Million email addresses we are giving you, This program will go out and scan the internet Based on a keyword you put into the software. This meeans you will always have New, Targeted Addresses for a lifetime!

>> Free Email Retriever…You will be able to download your incoming mail with ease. Sort the incoming email by subject or message text.

>> Super Note Pad… This software will help manage your large text files for you.

>> Winzip… This program will be needed when de-compressing a compressed file. It will come in handy when dealing with files of zip format.

>> Over 5,000 Places To Advertise For Free!

Plus Yet Another Bonus…

>> “Profits 2500 Series”7 manuals that will teach you how to market on the internet and what offers work and which ones to stay clear of. Also we will show you where to find web designers for free and much, much more!


We have previously sold the seven manuals alone for over $200 & the Mass Mailing Software has sold for over $400. Now you can have the complete package for the low price of only $295!

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All lists are completely free of any Duplicates. We also, on a continual basis, add New names and Remove Undeliverables and Remove Requests.

The result is the Cleanest Email Addresses Available Anywhere to use over and over again, for a FRACTION of the cost that other companies charge. Typical rates for acquiring email lists are from 1 cent to as high as 3 cents per email address – that’s “INFORMATION HIGHWAY” ROBBERY!.

As always you have Cybernet Marketing’s 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with this powerful package, Simply send it back for a full refund.

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.If you have any further questions, contact us by calling our marketing department at: (203) 467-5378