How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

Search Engine OptimizationIt can be very demoralizing for a business owner to search for their business in a major search engine, only to find out that their company is not the highest returned search result by the search engine. It is even worse if their business does not even rank on the first page of the returned results, let alone the first ten pages. Ranking highly in keyword searches is crucial for a business owner, as it is one of the best ways to attract more traffic to your website and to be visible to a global audience. When people search for a keyword, they rarely click onto the second page of search results, let alone the third or fourth pages. Search engine optimization techniques can help to push a small business website higher up the search engine returned results and increase visibility for the website.

A good digital marketing company can employ a variety of techniques to help enhance the prominence of a business website. Link building is one such search engine optimization (SEO) technique. Search engines algorithms take into account the number and quality of inbound links to a website when they are compiling their results, and therefore it can be beneficial for a website to have as many inbound links as possible. It is possible to do this by having a large number of inbound links within a website that link back to the main pages (although this may make the website itself less user-friendly) or by increasing the number of links back to a website on other external internet sites. This can be as simple as making sure that the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts of the website all include at least one link back to the company’s official website. An SEO expert like Smart Spider Twitter will know the best way to increase the number of links without wasting their energy creating links that will not count in search engine algorithms.

Article writing Article writing is another SEO technique. If you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field, you can write your articles, and have them published in online journals. Not only will these articles show that you are very knowledgeable in your field of business, but they will also provide you with the opportunity to link back to your website from your articles. As well as being active links, these links can help to optimize your website in search engine results.

SEO experts will also help you to ensure that the content of your website is SEO friendly. They will do this by checking that the content of the website includes a wide range of searched for keywords or phrases so that the website will be available in a variety of different search results. SEO experts are trained to understand that web users can try a lot of different search terms when they want to find a result.

Carefully constructing and designing your site is one component of search engine optimization. It is building your site so that search engines recognize it’s importance in any given searches.

Why Every Business Should Consider SEO

How SEO Can Benefit Different Businesses

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the ranking of your website in the organic search results by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. As a general rule, sites with high rankings appear higher in the results implying more traffic to their pages. Your goal as a business owner should be to appear on the first page. However, this is quite tricky especially for competitive markets such as travel and insurance as they may need a sizeable budget. Conversely, it will be very easier for you to get to page one if you are patient, ready to follow instructions and offering a nice service or product in a defined location. Here are some ways in which SEO can benefit different businesses.

Keyword rich content

Search engines use software that browse through web content to identify actual copies written on the page including use of key phrases and words. This is done is a methodical and automated manner to provide up to date data. The date is used to determine the relevance of your website once a person enters keywords into the search engine. You can use keyword tools such as Google AdWords to identity the most relevant keywords for your market. Use the keywords when writing copy for your website ensuring they are appearing in the metadata and body of your pages.


Linking and increased traffic

SEO helps in building various types of links which are necessary to enjoy high rankings. Incoming links are leads from other websites, internal links give leads to other pages in your site while external links are leads from website to other pages. These links should be built naturally and gradually to enjoy most benefits. They improve your website rankings and visibility as they give your customers more ways of finding you. The effect of these links and top position in the search engine results to very many clicks and impressions which increases the overall traffic to your website.

Better conversion ratesĀ 

SEO optimized sites have great feature that encourage conversion of traffic into useful leads. For instance, most people clicking on your link will end up in your site which means more sales. This is possible with SEO-optimized content because your site loads faster and becomes easy to surf and read. Moreover, your site displays properly in almost all devices from mobile phones to tablets, iPads and PCs. All these features motivate visitors to navigate your site. This makes it very easy for people visiting your site to become loyal subscribers, returning visitors and customers.


SEO can greatly help your business get established online. However, it is good to keep in mind the overall effect is accumulative and it requires patience to enjoy most of the benefits. In addition, you will have to keep up to date with the ever changing SEO trends. The algorithms used by search engine are open to improvements and tweaks to ensure more accurate and relevant results. SEO is not just a vital for businesses that compete online, but a fundamental investment of all companies. If you are looking to employ a reputable search engine optimization agency we recommend that you check out ShootScope Liverpool SEO agency. They have many happy clients. Click here